13+ Years Delivering Powerful Impact with GIS Expertise

The growing field of GIS is evolving and shaping how we view geography beyond static maps. Our world is all about spatial data and the technologies to process it. On November 16th, the world geo community celebrates GIS Day, a chance to share accomplishments and inspire others to take advantage of such technologies.

GIS Day 2022: 13+ Years Delivering Powerful Impact with GIS Expertise

Generally, GIS is a scientific framework for geography data gathering, analysis, and visualization aimed at more efficient decision-making.

The first formal GIS Day took place back in 1999. Ralph Nader, an American political activist, inspired Jack Dangermond, president and co-founder of a spatial analytics software development company, to create a GIS Day. Since then, November 16th has been considered an incredible initiative for people to learn more about geography and discover the unexpected usage of GIS.

It’s an exceptional holiday for our company. A rich pool of talents of diverse backgrounds and expertise in multiple geo domains aligned with a solid portfolio makes us different from other custom software development companies. For more than 13 years, we have been developing geospatial and location-based competencies, thus, delivering global change. We know all our clients’ ins and outs on their journey toward outstanding business results.

On this day, our GIS professionals highlight their work and share what they have achieved via fun and educational events, quests, and, of course, a long tradition — sharing a “GIS 2022” cake. They also receive congratulations from Boris Kontsevoi, Intetics President and CEO.

While celebrating, we again want to recall the meaningful results achieved thanks to our experts in geospatial technologies. These real-world applications genuinely make a difference both for businesses and society.

Impact Delivered: Highlights from GIS and Geospatial Projects

Let’s briefly overview the projects done by our GIS Team and highlight the powerful impact delivered to clients.

One of our clients, a pioneering company in location technology, faced the challenge of insufficient data about the Eastern European region required for providing reliable navigation services. For this, a fully secured and high-qualified Offshore Dedicated Team® (ODT®) was formed in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Working as a part of the client’s team, the ODT® GIS & data processing specialists helped to cover the Eastern Europe region. The digital maps created thanks to their efforts are now used in over 150 million vehicles. As a result, the client expanded its global coverage and strengthened its leading position in the industry. Learn more.

Serving the utility industry for over a decade, our second client deploys proprietary technology to solve businesses’ and governments’ challenges. They turned to Intetics to create an automated, multi-functional, and transparent platform capable of managing and coordinating 1000+ employees and contractors after a disaster.

The Remote In-Sourcing Team® created Disaster Response Suite that helps company management and field workers to coordinate their efforts during the storm. The system is readily available, intuitive, and simple during disaster response activities. Learn more.

And our third client specializes in the large-scale and systematic visualization of environments. They collect and process 360°panoramic photographs and LiDAR data.

In order to optimize the project time and budget, they required an experienced team of data processing professionals. Here is where Intetics GIS professionals made their impact. As a result of cooperation, the client streamlined the extraction and processing of 7,000 km of road data within four months. They reduced the overall processing time by around two months and provided their end client with high-quality results. Learn more.

It often happens that UAV surveying companies working on construction sites reach a point where their datasets become too large and too frequent to handle. That drastically limits their ability to initiate more projects, grow the customer base, and generate more revenue.

Our client faced the same challenge. That is why they decided to switch from self-processing to expert processing by our team. The dedicated specialist significantly decreased the processing time, which allowed the client to cut the budget by 30%. Thousands of dollars were saved since there was no need to buy specialized equipment and expensive software. Furthermore, the client managed to free up 75% of the time for generating new business opportunities. Learn more.

The project covered the geofencing of stores, shopping centers, and other retail clusters. The core objective was to create a database of geographical locations in Sweden, the UK, the USA, Russia, and Germany. The client planned to launch a new solution for their end-users and required highly skilled resources to mark their boundaries on a map and to determine their attributes.

During two years of continuous cooperation, over 5BN sq ft were geofenced in 5 countries. Our GIS experts combined data of different formats and types into a single composite to deliver the best result. Learn more.

The client chose our professional multi-purpose Building Information Modeling solution for their upcoming shopping center redevelopment, advertising, and demonstrating the premises to tenants. Our team modeled about 5000 sq. m. area in less than a week. They carried out a laser scan of the building to obtain a point cloud — 360° panoramas were also captured using a special camera.

In addition to architecture, the model included the location and models of all light sources. The client obtained the necessary floor plans critical for their goals. Learn more.

The project objective was to develop a unified system for storing field data, analysis, control, and agronomic planning. The client contracted our experts to quickly build a system with a GIS module. After thorough clients’ business process studying, they developed requirements and created a web portal that aggregates users involved in the agriculture area and provides them with insights for decision-making.

Most of the client’s customers immediately implemented a robust and stable system to save time while searching for information, preparing reports, and looking for errors. Learn more.

A relational database with multiple attributes for hydropoles using LiDAR mobile data was required. For this, the client asked to optimize feature extraction for urban planning and create automated algorithms for attribute calculation.

With the help of the highly detailed surface models, the Intetics team automatically calculated all height parameters for all objects. After thoroughly inspecting all available sources, the team created a catalog of examples to help identify all parts of the poles more quickly and accurately. And the critical requirement of delivery time minimization was successfully met — the manual processing time was cut by 60%. Learn more.

The client has been at the forefront of delivering navigation and location-based services since 1999. Intetics GIS experts were the first to introduce the client to mobile devices over 20 years ago. How?

The research team collected and validated POI data from open Internet sources during the project. As a result, a client received an accurate POI database updated for better geolocation. It helped to enhance the quality of services in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia while working with data in different languages and identifying the correct location of POIs. Learn more.

The project required performing data collection requests in specific or hard-to-reach places and working with a low amount or density of data. It was not cost-effective for the client to send an in-house field crew to such regions as transport costs would be too high.

Within three months, the Intetics team coped with all the challenges: building sophisticated routes, developing relevant navigation, and using route control techniques. They covered 75,000 kilometers (45,000+ miles) of European highways with photo surveys. The client was able to save up to 20% of the allocated budget with our field data collection services and build-in-place teams. Learn more.

A large retail company needed data that could not be purchased or licensed. Collecting such data required a lot of qualified spatial analysts’ work. The ODT® was established to create exact geographic boundaries of stores with specific attributes. They executed the project flawlessly and on time. The collaboration results were incorporated into the software complex that implemented all the product requirements.

With over 60,000 objects geofenced, the client launched a new product, allowing malls and shopping streets to collect statistical data and improve their businesses. Learn more.

A global electricity network mapping company needed efficient data collection and processing resources. A Remote In-Sourcing® Team was formed to provide custom data processing solutions, resulting in 72 km of LiDAR data being processed. Automated feature extraction reduced the client’s data processing time by 65%. Thus, the client saved up to 30% of project costs. Learn more.

Automotive, agriculture, retail, utility businesses, and the world’s largest digital map makers rely on our geo professionals to ensure their systems’ accuracy, security, and failure-free operation. Join in! Empower your business and drive innovation with hot trends in GIS and the geospatial sector:

Bottom Line

Meaningful results, happy clients, and tangible benefits for their end customers are all merits of our talented GIS experts — happy GIS Day to all passionate about these important and sometimes life-saving technologies.



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#Tech #RPA #IoT #QA #Agile #Scrum #BigData #Cloud #ML/AI #GIS #LowCode #BPO.26+ yr. in custom software development in Europe, USA. https://intetics.com/