28 Years of Software Engineering Excellence: A Look Back at Intetics’ Journey 2022

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7 min readJan 30, 2023

On January 27, Intetics celebrated its 28th Birthday. Thanks to every person accompanying us during these years — to our friends, partners, clients, and talented employees — for many milestones, victories, mutual support, and just pleasant moments together.

We take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey that the company has been on over the last 28 years. From its humble beginnings as an IT outsourcing company with startup spirit founded before the Internet age was fully ushered in — to a globally renowned global software development company with multiple professional certifications and industry awards. Let’s recall the noteworthy moments and achievements of the past year.

We Stand with Ukraine

All of us were caught off-guard by the heart-breaking events unraveling at the end of February 2022. Our duty was to care about our people and the Ukraine IT community. The company has been making every effort to support our colleagues in Ukraine by providing them assistance with relocation, paid leave, charitable donations, and all necessary support.

We appreciate the support from our clients, who have shown their deep awareness of the situation and stayed with us during this challenging time. Let’s remember the light spots of this difficult year, keeping hope alive for a brighter future.

Intetics Gives a Vacation to Children from Ukraine

The company employees organized a large group trip for children from the hotspots of Ukraine. Young Ukrainians received tickets for a peaceful vacation in the Artek-Bukovel camp. Read more.

The past year has been challenging and impacted people, businesses, and the economy. Nevertheless, our colleagues have continued the seamless delivery, thanks to their efforts, resilience, creativity, and dedication in times of adversity.

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23+ Global Recognitions and Awards in 2022

Thanks to our clients’ trust and support, Intetics has been recognized 23+ times in 2022 for the company’s expertise, dedication to innovation, and commitment to providing high-quality services. The industry recognition and awards demonstrate our proven track record of success and give our clients confidence in their software development partner choice.

Explore the list of achievements we are honored to celebrate together:

1. Intetics with Desk-Net Has Been Selected as the Honoree of IAOP’s Recognition for 2022 Excellence in Strategic Partnerships

2. A Rising Star in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 List 2022

3. Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022, Rating by Financial Times and Statista

4. GSA UK Awards 2022:

5. AWS Validated Intetics as Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Partner

6. The Intetics Team Won a Special Award: “Friendly Workplace 2022”

7. Clutch Recognitions: 8 nominations and 26 clients’ reviews

8. Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards: Intetics ML Solution Received Honorable Mention in Health and Software Categories

9. Top Software Development Company in 2022 by Techreviewer

10. 56 Best Florida Data Integration Companies List by Startup Pill

11. Top 101 Best Florida Enterprise Software Companies and Startups by Best Startup Us

12. The 1st Place in the List of 2022 Best Software Development Companies in Education by the OnlineDegree Project

13. 30+ Top Mobile App Development Companies Listed in the United Kingdom by the TopDevelopers Platform

In 2022 we again confirmed Microsoft Gold Partner Certification, successfully passed ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 external audits, and achieved dozens of other company & employee professional certifications.

6 New Locations — New Software Development Team Building Opportunities

Operating across geographical lines, 60% of company employees work remotely and create value as part of distributed teams in over 20 countries. Moreover, in its 28th year, the company opened six new locations to be closer to our clients:

  1. Intetics Opened a New Office in Lviv, Ukraine
  2. Intetics Opens New Location in Armenia, a Growing Tech Hub
  3. Welcome to Intetics Office in Georgia, Batumi
  4. New Intetics Office in Moldova: Expanding Our Footprint in Eastern Europe, One of the Best Regions to Source Software Development Teams
  5. The New Intetics’ Tech Hub in Latin America: Opening of the Delivery Center in Bogota, Colombia
  6. Intetics Welcomes to the New Warsaw Tech Hub, the Second Company Office in Poland

Intetics Supports Local & Global IT Initiatives

During 2022 Intetics proceeded to contribute to the global IT industry by supporting its development and actively participating in tech and knowledge-sharing initiatives:

More fruitful partnerships are yet to come. All company’s efforts are made to drive the industry forward and develop innovative solutions in the tech world through prosperous collaboration among industry leaders and opinion makers. Stay tuned.

Intetics’ Proprietary Methodologies Presented to the World Scientific Community

Paper titled ‘Predictive Software Engineering: Transform Custom Software Development into Effective Business Solutions’ was published in the Journal of Economics, Finance And Management Studies and Zenodo, a general-purpose open repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN. The paper examines the principles of the Predictive Software Engineering (PSE) framework.

Furthermore, the Intetics team presented the PSE scientific publication at the 6th World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security, and Sustainability. The presentation covers the framework’s background and the meaning of each of its seven principles to the global scientific community.

A TETRA™ scientificpublication examines the company’s proprietary means for determining the quality of a software product and measuring its technical debt. It is titled ‘TETRA™ Techniques to Assess and Manage the Software Technical Debt’. You can find it in the Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ).

New Intetics’ Slide-Website Launched in 2021 Became an Effective Communication Channel and a Repository of Unique Information for IT Decision-Makers

In 2021 Intetics launched a new corporate slide-website and set the standard of excellence across the web development industry by receiving 3 WebAwards. In 2022 it became an effective communication channel and a repository of unique information for IT decision-makers. Our new website brought 2,07x times more conversions.

First Time in History: Joint Webinar Series by Intetics & AWS

For the first time in company history, we organized and launched a series of joint webinars with Amazon Web Services. The purpose of the series is to help organizations understand and optimize the value of AWS. The webinar speakers are Matheus Arrais, AWS Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, and Sergey Dudal, Intetics PM/Cloud Solutions CoE Leader. Here is a quick recap of all events:

  • Webinar 1: Value Proposition of Using Serverless on AWS for Business. The first presentation is the value proposition of using serverless on AWS. Matheus and Sergey explain serverless, tradeoffs, common patterns, and available services.
  • Webinar 2: Building and Transforming Your Applications into Serverless on AWS. The second webinar unveils the customers’ options for building a serverless application on AWS. The topics covered are why serverless may be interesting, serverless patterns architecture, best practices for building and deploying, and options for data in serverless applications.
  • Webinar 3: Monitor at Scale Your Serverless Application on AWS. The key areas discovered during the third webinar are: What’s observability and the AWS services to manage it? What are the existing AWS Services for monitoring? How to monitor serverless applications on AWS?

You can watch all webinar recordings on our YouTube channel. Visit our “Cloud Solutions for Business: Intetics AWS Expertise” playlist.

Bottom Line

One thing that sets Intetics apart from other IT companies is its commitment to innovation and values. The company has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with software and the right mix of technology. We are growing and changing, but our core values remain the same. Propelled by the power of benevolent thinking and ethical behavior, we live by the principles of our Code of Conduct as the basis for meeting our clients’ needs.

Happy Birthday Intetics, and cheers to many more years of innovation and success!



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