With modern Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions, many industrial operations have transitioned from manual procedures to digital interactions. As the Internet, data storage, analytics, and sensors become more affordable, quicker, higher-quality, and better integrated, IoT devices are being worked into virtually every industry — including warehouse operations. …

What is software architecture? The term “software architecture” is analogous to the term “building architecture” — but rather than representing the fundamental internal structure of a building, it is related to your application.

Just as the architecture of a building depends on its purpose, (for instance, a residential building and…

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is information modeling of buildings and structures, in which a volumetric 3D model is created, where each object is associated with the information database of the project and has assignable, interdependent attributes.

BIM technologies allow you to combine all building construction stages — from design to…

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