Read this checklist to know whether you need a chatbot

1. You have established a seamless manual process

2. Your customers don’t mind communicating with a chatbot

  • feel entirely uncomfortable talking to a chatbot instead of a human operator
  • prefer human response at particular interaction levels
  • accept a chatbot every step of the way as long as communication remains meaningful and efficient.

3. Your target audience is growing or large already

4. You operate globally

5. Request handling involves data processing

  • receives information from your customer,
  • asks questions to better understand the request,
  • forwards it to another bot for execution,
  • gets back to the customer with the result.

6. Chatbot ROI is higher than that of your staff

  • The type of chatbot you want to develop (e.g. AI-driven conversationalists are more effective and expensive than simple command-operated bots)
  • The cost of implementation and maintenance of the chatbot per given period
  • The average request processing time
  • The average cost per request as handled by an employee (based on work hours of an operator and their manager)
  • The average ROI of a request
  • The average number of requests handled by humans per given period
  • The average number of requests that your staff fails to process per given period
  • Request number increase forecast
  • Payback period

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