Spatial Active Noise Cancelation for Rotating Mechanisms: Advanced System to Enjoy a Peaceful and Quiet Environment

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Attention to all professionals in manufacturing! Ready to implement an advanced active noise cancelation system to enjoy a peaceful and quiet industrial workspace?

Dive into the recent Intetics White Paper, ‘Spatial Active Noise Cancelation for Rotating Mechanisms,’ and make an informed decision on system implementation for your specific operational needs.

Discover an effective solution to enhance manufacturing workers’ well-being and efficiency by mitigating the harmful effects of noise, including problems like hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and stress.

Download now: Spatial Active Noise Cancelation for Rotating Mechanisms

The innovative Noise Cancelation System reduces noise generated by rotating mechanisms. Since rotating machinery generates harmonic noise — the one perceived as a hum — active noise reduction solutions can effectively attenuate it.

Through a blend of mathematics, hardware, and software, a fascinating physical phenomenon has emerged: the interaction between noise and anti-noise sound waves leads to a mutual cancelation, effectively reducing environmental noise. This phenomenon arose from curiosity-driven exploration and user demand.

Why Is the Active Noise Cancelation System Unique?

Our system has been specifically designed to provide noise cancellation in larger areas, such as rooms, unlike regular noise-cancelling headphones that operate only near the user’s ears.

The underlining method for anti-noise generation lies in minimizing acoustic energy density. It is more advanced than minimizing instantaneous squared acoustic pressure used in traditional ANC.

The approach requires a custom 3D acoustic probe and more computational power but delivers more noticeable and effective results.

The Intetics noise reduction system has undergone physical testing on various objects equipped with rotating mechanisms. The results have demonstrated a significant reduction in the primary harmonic frequency around 200 Hz. Tests have shown an impressive decrease of up to 20 dB.

The noise cancelling algorithm is easily customizable for various usage scenarious and any desired number of input and output channels.

Download to explore the challenges the innovative noise reduction solution helps to solve and cutting-edge features to come.

Reach out for professional guidance on the active noise cancelation system implementation for your unique industrial or manufacturing needs.



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