The Ultimate Way to Deliver Working Software: Predictive Software Engineering Presented to the Global Scientific Community at ICICT 2023

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A study conducted by Geneca found that 75% of the business or IT executives believe that their software projects are typically destined to fail right from the start. Additionally, a report from Standish Group indicates that new software applications fail 49% of the time and achieve success in only 4% of cases.

The alarming statistics raise the need for reliable techniques to increase the likelihood of software engineering projects success. Predictive Software Engineering (PSE), a development framework that ensures transparency, manageability, and reliability, was developed precisely for that purpose.

The methodology was initiated by the founder and CEO of Intetics, Boris Kontsevoi, and then developed and promoted together with the team. PSE addresses major custom software development bottlenecks based on seven principles to deliver maximum value to both small & enterprise-size organizations. Predictive Software Engineering in action: explore how the framework addresses main software engineering risks.

A scientific paper titled “How Predictive Software Engineering Addresses Issues in Custom Software Development and Boosts Efficiency and Productivity” explains how the framework eliminates or at least minimizes the unpredictability of software development. Each of the seven PSE principles proposes a unique way of benefiting the company that implements it. The paper’s authors are:

  1. Boris Kontsevoi, Intetics CEO and President: 31+ years of leadership, 41+ scientific publications, creator of TETRA™.
  2. Sergey Kizyan, Delivery Director: 16+ years of experience in software development, master’s degree in Computer Science.
  3. Alexey Velesnitsky, CTO: 17+ years of experience in software engineering, master’s degree in Equations of Mathematical Physics.
  4. Irina Dubovik, Digital Marketing Director: 20+ years in Marketing and Business development for IT & FinTech.

On February 23, Alexey Velesnitsky and Irina Dubovik presented the PSE paper at the 8th International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, ICICT 2023. Global academic researchers, scientists, and engineers were introduced to the fundamentals and advantages of the approach and sparked a discussion with relevant questions. Discover an ultimate way to deliver predictable and working software powered by an unparallel quality approach, vast business domain knowledge, plus 28+ years’ experience:

Feel free to leave your questions on how to ensure the success of your software engineering project to the Intetics team.

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Tap the link to watch the full version of the ICICT 2023: 8th ICICT 2023 | Technical Session 6A | London, United Kingdom



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